Feb: Love, Valentine & My Birthday!

Welcome to Feb: The Month of Love, Valentine and My Birthday!

For many couple, saying, 'I Love You', having semi-regular Sex, giving the occasional Gifts or going out for Dinner and attending few family gatherings etc. on special occasions are believed to be a sufficient enough 'Expression of Love' to sustain a relationship.

What is the inside story? By nature, you seek for Love, even Lust after it, or simply lust after sex, all the while forgetting the 'Power of Love' within yourself. Then, slowly togetherness turned to  inter-dependencies and every pore of your being transcends lust into 'Unconditional Love' and Care.

The True Love and Life is a completely different state than how most people were taught to be in a Relationship with inner-self and their partner. How do you get this state?

You must be willing to have resolved your past and free from the perception of who you believe yourself needed to be, which is easily accepted by others. This requires you to free yourself from what has happened in your life after your Naivety was stripped away from society and culture.

Look at what you learned from your Parents, School (better say it Social Media), and how you reacted to both the good and bad times in your life. If this is too difficult consider what the alternative is.

When you avoid going deep into conditioning about love, life and your sense of self-worth, you will remain lost in the matrix and not present to what is.

Life is on as long as it is Beautiful and so are you. When you give yourself permission to stay out of influence of need based social aggregation in tumbling economic world and unwind yourself from routine life is awakened to what love, life and bliss really is.

Sudesh Kumar
Email: ask@sudeshkumar.com

First Posted at sudeshkumar.com on 2nd Feb 2018. Revised on 9th Feb 2019.

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