Say No to Speciesism

Our pets hold their place in our hearts through the oxytocin-propelled bond. Every day we admire their innocent look and they consider us as their family. Gradually, we get into an emotional relationship with each other and we start caring more for them. 

We have given names to our pets like a person. So, every pet has a personal name. And as our pets are members of the family, they are dependent on us for all the essentials like food and outings etc. In this way, we humans feel that these bonds, especially with dogs, to a lesser extent with cats and also with some other animals, reach the depths of our coexistence in our human-made environment. And it would be considered a criminal matter if any human attempted to kill them or allowed them to be killed. If we talk about the pet food industry, its price and demands, are increasing day by day. But it follows the human food patterns due to which most of the meat-based food products are available in the market for pets.

As pet parents, your hard-earned money spent on pet food and care costs turns into demand as per economics, which ensures the sustainability of the pet industry. Along with this it also ensures transparency in pet food sourcing etc. But the thing comes here why are we telling you this?

The simple purpose of this is that - doing whatever it takes to stop speciesism and to make ordinary people aware of the act of indirectly paying for animal killings. Many pet parents are very emotional about their homies but may hardly bother about how many animals are killed for the pet food industry. And usually, the animals they kill are also members of the same tribe.

The important thing to consider here is that indirectly - paying money to feed one and kill another cannot be justified if you call yourself an animal lover. That's why it will be an essential initiative for all of us to use Vegan Pet Food Products and also to educate others about it. The more you demand it, the more you will give the right direction to the pet industry.

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Prof. Sudesh Kumar 

Founder @veganmumbai

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