The importance of Brahmamuhurta

What is 'Brahmamuhurta'?

In Hinduism, Brahma means the supreme element or the Supreme Soul. Muhurta means favourable time. There are 30 Muhurtas in 24 hours. There are 8 Prahars in 30 Muhurta. Brahmamuhurta is the fourth prahar of the night. The fourth prahar is called Usha.

Names of Eight Prahars -

 Day Time -

🔖 Purvahna (AM)
🔖 Madhyavahna (Noon)
🔖 Apranha (PM)
🔖 Saymkaal (Evening)

Night Time -

🔖 Pradosh
🔖 Nishith
🔖 Triyama
🔖 Usha.

There are two Muhurtas in the prahar before sunrise. The first of them is called Brahmamuhurta. The 30th part of the day and night is called Muhurta, which means, the period of 48 minutes is called Muhurta. According to our clock, the time of 4.24 am - 5.12 am is Brahmamuhurta.

What to do in Brahmamuhurta?

You may do any one of the 4 tasks in Brahmamuhurta:

🔖 Meditation
🔖 Prayer
🔖 Study
🔖 Worship

What not to do in Brahmamuhurta?

Negative thinking, arguments, conversations, sexual activities, sleeping, eating, travel, any kind of noise etc.

Scientific importance of getting up in Brahmamuhurta

At this time, the amount of oxygen (pranavayu) in the atmosphere is highest, which is important for the purification of the lungs. By getting pure air, the mind and brain also remain healthy. The air flowing at this time is said to be nectar. Waking up during the Brahma Muhurta and taking a walk provides life-giving energy to the body.

This time is also said to be the best for study because when we wake up in the morning after resting at night, there is energy and freshness in the body and mind as well. As the oxygen level is higher in the morning, it provides extra energy to the brain, due to which the study things are easily grasped by our memory.

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