The catch of beauty and personality

"Human beings are social animals, therefore we naturally seek the companionship of others as part of our well being", as remarked by the famous Greek Philosopher Aristotle almost two thousand and three hundred years ago. 
The same thing has been taught to everyone right from childhood but the true meaning of this can be actually learned through the ups and downs of life.

In the beginning of the early industrial era, developed countries had set up several social standards in order to exploit cross-border markets. Some of these standards are gradually being devastated in today's technological age as investors need diverse avenues to secure their investments. The prime importance in those acceptable standards were given to beauty, personality and social status.

In this article, you will be able to learn about the dark side of Personality in Part-1 and Beauty in Part-2, which is based on my personal observations. This is English version of my article titled 'beauty, personality and status...' originally written in Hindi. You can access it for FREE at my Hindi blog:

Part: 1


Personality is derived from the Latin word 'Persona' which means 'face' or 'mask'.

An individual's personality usually get determined by the culture which has been his/her social environment. In simple words, our personality is influenced by those few people who spend most of their time with us. These can be our friends, family members and people at workplace. If we provide a little more space to anyone of them than actually it's required in our need based interactions, then it is discovered that both people are assimilating some portions of one another's personality in themselves.

According to the temperament theory of psychology, personality is mainly defined in to four different types.
  • 1. Sanguine
  • 2. Choleric
  • 3. Melancholic
  • 4. Phlegmatic
In addition to these four categories, practically there are many more forms of personality. In this case, it is necessary to know which types of people are more toxic and how much distance, we should maintain from them. Here, you will learn about 10 toxic types of people. If you have learned to handle them efficiently then you will have more of happiness, peace and success in your life.

1. Mean-Minded:
These people can be seen as short tempered person. They loose their temper upon you as you are the root cause of all the problems in their life. It is very difficult to put these people out of our life because they are the most commonly found species in the world. Mean people do not miss the opportunity to use you as a piece of object whenever you need them. Therefore, it is important to check up on their population in your contact list.

2. Whiner:
People who are always crying about their small problems either due to naivety or depression, you should stay away from them in all possible ways. The problem is that, initially this is not an easy task to recognize such people as we give them emotional support by virtue of relationship of any types. But as the time passes, you feel that they neither know to recognize their happiness nor to share it with others. Tough times in their dictionary does not mean anything to learn and they do same mistake repeatedly in life.

3. Jealous:
People who are jealous, usually got the habit of comparing others' achievements at the scale of their regressive mindset. They find inner joy at outside of their heart. This truth can not be denied that there is no dearth of such people in the world. It is not good to spend more time with them. They act as social virus to malign your social image and they get you the disease of not being happy with your own successes. They usually resort to black-magic or may use your close enemies to fulfill their motive.

4. Selfish:
These people waste time and resources from your life under the guise of any relationship. Occasionally, it is very difficult to deal with these people because they cling to us by wearing a tag of a close relationship. They know very well that, what can make you happy or upset but the only difference is that, they use these information for their secret agenda. If you look back at your relationship with them, then it will be discovered that, you have only given and almost got nothing in return from them. They can do anything to win your trust so that later they can use you as per need.

5. Criminal:
Some people are born and bred as criminal which are by-products of persistence of chronic poverty in our society. Such people are dangerous and usually with bad intentions, who find contentment in seeing others in misery and distress, because their life has originally gone through in similar negative circumstances and situations. They coming in your life to make you feel bad or to annoy and blackmail you in order to steal something from you. It is very easy to recognize them. It is suggested to drop-off all communication from them as long as you are not sufficiently able to handle them.

6. Judgemental:
In our developing world, these people grown up due to hierarchical political society. Instead of learning from diversity, such people are engaged in promoting their stupid agenda. They only know to defend their point of view by baseless arguments. Talking to them is a complete waste of time.

7. Self-obsessed:
Increasing influence of social media has made a huge growth in the population of self-obsessed people. After staying in close proximity of them, you might infused with round the clock schedule of work, money and publicity. And, because of such activities they tend to become an anti-social creature in spite of being super active in social media. Their loving friends are those, who can handle their ego at best.

8. Attitude Factory:
This is the sub-species of the largest number of people found in the social media. The total concentration and full time activities of the people of this category are simply dedicated to PR. Our films and celebrity societies are over populated with them. Due to egotist nature, such people are always surrounded by various types of insecurities in life. These are always victims of a false self-esteem and are forced to live the life of show-off.

9. Backbiter:
These people may claimed to be your acquaintance and they come closer to you by their fawning nature but they do it to gather your information that can be reproduced for bitching around. There is nothing consumed properly in their brain and it gets developed as a backbiting habit. They can never perform well in any kind of relationships. Their actual identity got taken over by their habit of bitching around. It is good to maintain a long distance from them.

10. Pessimist:
Depression caused by repeated failures in education, career and certain phases of life, rapidly produce such types of people in our society. Victims of pessimism, who are often happy to hear about the troubles of others. In the beginning, they enjoy making fun of others' mistake, but later they fall in the category of super annoying or better say them a wet blanket. They have little understanding of the next person's feelings, beliefs etc. and knowingly or unknowingly they can hurt you.

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