My Vegan Island

 In a world where most people are, consciously or subconsciously, cruel towards animals, let's imagine there is a vegan island named after me 'Sudesh', which means, a beautiful country, where we have an abundance of vegan foods and the entire population is vegan. There’s a natural beauty, and you’re never at a loss for things to do. Your life would be completely fulfilled. There would never be anyone near you eating animals or saying that animals just exist for us to use.

We can apply the island concept to many things: vegan-labeled restaurants, hotels, and a few housing societies are rather “islandish”: they are safe places where you’ll never eat anything wrong. But going to a non-vegan restaurant can encourage the restaurant owners to provide more vegan options on the menu. Vegans-only WhatsApp or Facebook groups are islands. It’s good that they exist, we can discuss our views peacefully without having a risk of conflict with fundamentalists or so-called religious bots, but are we going to influence other people with it?

Of course, it’s quite possible to move between our island and the mainland. We can, for instance, live on the non-vegan mainland most of the time, and go to our vegan island when we need a break. Also, it might be useful to accept that some of us are more suited to live on the vegan  island than on the mainland, while there are people who are good at vegan activism. 

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