Startup Story

Hey there,

Welcome to my creative world.

Let me share with you a few lines about my ventures, entrepreneurship roles and what got me to where I am today.

My first cashless “venture” was involved with training to students in sub-urban areas, in decades of landline and snail-mail. It was an unique project of creating no-burden handwritten materials to learn the toughest classroom things and using it in a casual environment.

Officially, my first venture was in legal industry.

From the earliest I can remember, my entire projects revolved around deep research – which I *loved* and still love to do, guided by my advisors in the age of open internet-plagiarism.

My idea of entrepreneurship has been truly inspired by some experiences gained at various shades of life – “Don’t get stuck at middle in any set-up, either be at top or at bottom, you will be end-up being a more happy person”

Since, the time of high-school my inside story was kind of falling in love with tough competition, focus and dedication and it’s also where I got my first taste of socio-economic challenges, my love for winning and peak performance.

Over the years that followed, the small investment projects, we (includes each and everyone who worked for it) launched and grew resulted in operating small businesses in finance and legal industry.

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