Reproductive Responsibility

When a girl completely disregards her responsibility to use some sort of contraceptive and then spreads her legs to an equally irresponsible boy, an unwanted pregnancy occur. Then we get a whole slew of interesting people: single mothers who are angry at men for the rest of their life because they claim the man is the devil, single fathers who were either forced or took the initiative to raise the child because their mother flipped out, or an ultra-modern unmarried couple who fights constantly about who is going to take care of the child while planning their life together and some spectacular wedding to boot.

If the child is going to ruin your life, then you should have thought about that before. You’re having a baby. You get 9 months to plan. Getting pregnant isn’t the end of the world. It’s hard, no doubt, but life doesn’t end because of it. There are thousands of people in the world who can not have children and even more that have had children and watched them die before their time. Why must we focus on the angry and pessimistic side of the coin? Human nature, you say?

No one wants to claim responsibility for being stupid and adding another life, which you are now in complete control of for the first few years, just makes it harder to claim responsibility. If you have sex, no matter how little or how much, you should always consider the possibility that there may be consequences. We’re made to reproduce. It’s what keeps our species alive. In that way a person always alive in their children so logically we should never remorse for death.

Sudesh Kumar / Vegan Writer / Nonfiction 


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