Covid Lockdown: The Great Dilemma of India

The majority of people have been brainwashed in a many ways since last one year to oppress themselves in Covid period through hundred of news channels. After all, how long will you wait for everything to be switch back in to normalcy like it was before 2020? At this time, it is absolutely okay to feel angry with government and it has become necessary for all of us to raise our voice against it.

The peace and prosperity of India which was previously eclipsed by theism, secularism, hypocrisy, casteism is now being severely affected by the slumped economy due to the government's failure in the Covid period. According to the Global Peace Index, 2020, India ranked at 139th in the list of 163 countries. But, the worst thing is that, India has ranked 139 out of 149 countries in the World Happiness Report 2021 by United Nations. That is, even after so much development, except for a few countries in the world, there is seriously lacking of peace and prosperity in our country itself.

A big question is now that, India ranked #1 in Covid infection and death rate, the whole country has reached to the state of emergency. But at the same time, millions of people are participating in election rallies in West Bengal and some other states. And except Kumbh Fair and IPL Cricket, a lot of people are badly suffering due to this epidemic. But the real thing is that in this growing pandemic, huge numbers of people have become a patient of mental illness rather Covid virus. They are now fully expecting some sorts of help on few selfish elements. But gradually due to them, there is increasing unrest in our country. The growing mental disorders in the lockdown are killing the compassion, friendship and peace among the Indian people and they are misguided like never before, leading to unrest, frauds, black marketing, violence, hostility, ruthlessness, unemployment and finally disease. This is poison for the country’s economy.

In the last several thousand years, it has rarely been seen to destroy the economy in such a bad way. If this goes on, then the time is also getting closer when people will come on the streets not to protest but to take action. I feel pity for our media channels, which are also fighting for their survival, much more similar to many other businesses. The public servants, medicos and policemen become the objects of enforcing corruption and injustice towards the huge population of the country either knowingly or unknowingly (Ref. to note). They don’t have any other choice to save their job and pretend to feel proud for being a warrior of this so-called viral disease.

The right from the arrival of the Covid period, the entire country got transformed into a police state, completely destroying the greatness of a powerful economy. For the last one year every province has been functioning as a police state guided by its local politics. Now the entire federal system seems in danger, collapsing of medical system can be one example. Increasing police atrocities are putting mental burden on the people, which have made room for fear and atrocity in everyone's mind. The entire system of many provinces is now dictatorial. Most of the policemen are seen humiliating and/or beating the lower and middle class people in this troubled time, where our news channels cameras go off.  How come the disaster management or epidemic control law gives the police the right to violate the human rights of the general public, people are not able to understand.  Nowadays, the condition of the citizens is being considered worse than that of the curfew system of British India where people did not need the government decrees for the everyday life.




Dear Medicos/Police/Bureaucrats,

Thank you for bringing positive insight when negativity is all around. You don't need to defend your profession at social media, you are doing best as per your capacity and we all should be thankful for your professional contributions, but it does not mean people can't question the system. *Despite all goodness, most of times we behave like the slave of system (economic).* I write on systematic issues to draw people's attention in order to bring change, many people may assume it a political view.

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