Anti-fear Vaccine

Who got corona, and who didn't? Now this is not an issue anymore! Everyone has to go through this either sooner or later! Due to the pathetic condition of the medical infrastructure in the whole of India, the load of fear is higher because of the perpetually loaded viral infections and deaths! Corona has created a war like situation in entire country. A cloud of hardships have been bursting on many families and it has been multiplying day by day due to continuing lockdown. In this difficult times, I kindly request you to remain in touch with each other. Share your things without hesitation. Allow the digital world to step into your life completely. The pandemic chaos will be a history after some time, but for time being apart from medicine and oxygen, positive thoughts, support are the need of hour. Remember that, there is no immunity booster greater than the positive thoughts!

In the rain of disaster, frogs of half-cooked knowledge start to collide from all around. Instead of sharing the knowledge for free in difficult times, it will be better off if we try to share or eliminate some pain of victim families.  First of all, let's stop spreading all negative and panic creating things. In any situation, do not let down the morale of anyone, do your best to encourage and help them in every situation. All of us are a part of one extended family, so keep talking to each other. Stop expecting from others and come up with an initiative. This is a matter of fortune, that you are able to contribute something in order to give a new life to others.

The fear that 'I may get corona infection, or this person may catch infection, and that person may catch infection!'. Come out of these things!  Remember, any war is not fought by a coward! The biggest battle in life is war with disease because it tests your patience level, fearlessness and realistically a mental strength! How you have spent life throughout your life span, the very same thing does matter a lot if you catches a disease. If you have lived for a lifetime.. unhappy, frustrated, doubtful, compressed, angry, greedy and in lusting around.. then these all works like a traitor when you get sick, reduces your strength by supporting the enemy of your body! But if you have been happy, fearless and positive in life then it also gives you strength to rip through the clouds of crisis! That means it increases your overall strength in multi-folds!

If being corona positive, you burn all the negativity within yourself, then it is a blessing, not a curse! All the wealth, attitude, pride and show-off are left in the loop. The most important thing for you and your loved ones is to be alive! Corona taught us that, nothing is more valuable than life! Every breath of your body wants to keep you alive! Please, always remember this - you may be highly depressed or mentally unstable, but still your body does not want to die!  Whether, we take an example of any human or animal / bird, every cell of their body struggles against death! As early it's possible, simply adopt a compassionate lifestyle and positive thoughts, so that your way of living will be a shield to protect you in difficult times.

Corona is a man-made biological virus that was created due to scam in the world's economic competition. Those who lost their lives fighting it are like warriors. Their divine sacrifice inspires us all to build a compassionate world! A world that is compassionate to the humankind and animal kingdom, which does not exploit natural resources, which maintains biodiversity and environmental balance... which creates a loving and creative world!  

In the end I'd say that all those who have lost their loved ones in this pandemic. Let's make possible to reach everyone's condolences and support to them! They are the forerunners of the new world, this is a tribute to their sacrifice by the whole of humanity!

 ☘️ Vegan Sudesh

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